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Nice to see the waivers getting done.  Just a few more to go.

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, please follow the link to get directions to the Hershey Centre.  Mike, Peter and I would like you to be there 60-90 minutes before your race time.  That will allow you ample opportunity to get used to the venue, watch a couple of races, check out the the atmosphere, check in at registration, calm your nerves by browsing some of the stuff in the vendors area, meet with Mike, Peter and/or me, warm up, and race.

Before you meet with Mike, Peter and/or I, I would like you to have a goal in mind as to what you would like to pull.  I believe a number of you are on track for PBs here and I would like to hear what you think you can do before we chime in.  You can text or e-mail me this number beforehand if you would like to at tbeshoff@cogeco.ca or 289-527-5800.

As we have mentioned all season, the keys to a successful 2K test, in my opinion, are:

  1.  KNOWING the 500 metre split you need to hold in order to get the time you want and HOLDING ON TO THAT NUMBER!  You don’t need to have a fancy plan…just a simple steady, consistent pace will get you there.
  2. BE REALISTIC!  Setting a PB by 5-10 seconds is a reasonable target.  Setting a PB by a minute is not a reasonable target.  Being a little bit conservative is way better than being too ambitious.

While it’s not about Mike, Peter or I, we’d be lying if we said there weren’t things we’d LOVE to see happen.  First and foremost for me, are PBs because it’s tangible evidence to both us and you, that you are improving  Let’s set as many PBs as we can!  Second, I want to see us improve SIGNIFICANTLY on where we placed collectively at CIRC last year.  And third, as more of a long term goal, we need to start setting our sights on what it takes to consistently make semi-finals and finals at CSSRA in June.  I’ve said to a few of you that, to me, the regatta only starts to get significant on Saturday afternoon.  Friday is important, but neither you nor us want to be packing up the boat trailer at the end of day one of a 3-day regatta on Friday!  When I was coaching in New Zealand, our goal was to get as many crews into finals as we could.  No small feat where the size of the fields was often over 40 and in some cases, 60.  My final year in 2008, we put 10 crews in finals and took home 4 medals.  2006 was unbelievable.  10 finals, 2 gold, 2 silver, a bronze and two fourths.  The coaches were being run off our feet launching crews while most other schools were packing up.  It was AWESOME and I wouldn’t have it any other way!  We finished 7th overall out of 101 schools and 2200 athletes that year.  But the mantra throughout was, “Let’s do the work to get us into the final.  Because you cannot WIN the final if you are not IN the final.”

Finally, let’s break the bonds of what we THINK about our competition.  In my time at Westdale, I’ve heard from time to time that “E.L Crossley is good, we haven’t beaten them.”  “Branksome is really good and wins all the time”.  “We’ve never beaten Havergal”.  Well, YOU are pretty darn good, too!  I coached at Havergal and I know that you are every bit as capable as they are.  For the guys, we worked alongside UCC every day.  We have a number of guys who have put in just as much work as those guys have and could be every bit as fast as they are.   No question, they are all formidable competition.  But be confident that we are doing good work and when the time comes to be counted amongst the contenders, we WILL be counted!

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