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25 Westdale rowers competed in the Canadian Indoor Rowing Championships on Sunday.  Here are the highlights:

Madeline Battersby:  PB by 9 seconds.  Kieran Ray Daniels:  PB by 9 seconds.  Kai Ray-Daniels:  PB by 3 seconds.  Susan Price (also known as “Price Susan” to race control:  PB by 10 seconds.  Liz Li:  PB by 16 seconds. Zaiga Barrie:  PB by 8 seconds.  Kat Ciupka:  PB by 6 seconds.  Pam Wang:  PB by 3 seconds.  Grace Heinbecker:  PB by 7 seconds.  Sabrina Muto:  PB by 22 seconds.  Kate McGall:  PB by 4 seconds.    Victoria Collins:  PB by 4 seconds.  Lauren Gadsdon:  PB by 0.4 seconds.  Evan White:  PB by 6 seconds.  Kenzie Brochu:  PB by 10 seconds.  Lucas Austin:  PB.  WELL DONE!!!!!

Lauren was 5th out of 54 in the Jr. A Girls event.  Victoria won her heat and was 16th overall.  Lucas Austin was 4th out of 30 in the Jr. A Lightweight Boys category.

Mike, Peter and I were all really happy with the above performances today.  If you competed today and didn’t have the performance you were hoping for, there’s only one thing to do:  Get back on the horse and keep on ridin’!!!  With many of you, your training numbers are showing us you are capable of something big when it all comes together.  Keep on trying–it WILL happen.

I’ll see those of you who competed at EITHER Leander or CIRC on Tuesday.  I’ll see all others for 2K tests on Monday at 6:30.

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