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Hope you’re taking care of your leg muscles after this morning’s workout.  Massaging the quads, an epsom salts bath or three, as well as walking will help!

Not many weeks left, ladies, until we’re ON THE WATER!!!  For those who haven’t experienced it yet, there’s nothing quite like a flat water morning with the sun rising and feeling the boat speed underneath you!!  Here are a few things that are happening between now and then:

–the two remaining indoor regattas, Mac2x4 on February 27 and Ontario Indoor Rowing Champs on March 5.

–March Break is the week after that.  I will put together a land training program for the week we’re away.  I’m away for that entire week, so there likely won’t be anything organized at Leander.

–We will have at least one further week of training at the school when we return from March Break.  During this time, we will have a final erg test for those who didn’t do Ontario’s.  I will also have one on one meetings with you all to tell you what the spring holds for you.  Following these meetings, I will officially post the selected crews.

–Once we hit the water, I will be taking at least one week, possibly two, to mix up the crews with experienced and novice athletes.  I find this speeds up the learning curve immensely for the novices, and allows the seniors to re-find their stroke pattern.  Following that 1-2 week stretch, we will be in our regular crews for the duration.

–A few other things to take note of.  You are only allowed to row once a day, but we’ll be trying to utilize both morning and afternoon time slots.  Expect that you will have some mornings and some afternoons scheduled.  This should also help your sleep patterns.  There may also be some days you don’t row at all.  At the moment, we just don’t have the coaches or coach boats to be able to accommodate everybody for six days a week.  If you don’t row on a particular day, you will be expected to do a land session to keep up the training.

Any questions, please ask.