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First, good job on this morning’s workout.  That is NOT an easy one.  It is as much a mental workout as a physical one…the lesson being, “how do I find a way to get through this?”  When most of you face your next 2K test, either at Ontario’s or the day after Ontario’s, you can take confidence in knowing that the degree of difficulty on this morning’s session was about as tough as it gets!

A couple of changes for the rest of the week:

TUESDAY:  Outdoor run—DRESS WARMLY IN LAYERS!!!  Let’s watch a sunrise and break the chains of the gym for a day!!!  The key to enjoying cold weather runs is to KEEP MOVING!!!

WEDNESDAY:  Mac 2×4 practice.  Bring duct tape and cardboard please.

THURSDAY:  Mac 2×4 practice.  Bring duct tape and cardboard please.

FRIDAY:  PD Day.  Optional practice 8am at the school.