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Below are the teams for Mac 2×4.  If you see your name here and aren’t racing, please let me know ASAP.  There are a three of you who have entered, but are not listed below—there may still be a racing opportunity for you if we can find a fourth.

JR GIRLS LWT 135 #1:  Chloe, Kenzie, Meegan, Erin

JR GIRLS LWT 135 #2:  Kate McG, Pam, Zaiga, Liz

JR GIRLS OPEN:  Grace, Taylor, Miriam, Meaghan

SR GIRLS LWT 135:  Sadie, Katie Y, Astara, Becca

SR GIRLS OPEN:  Lauren, Victoria, Allie, Kat

SR BOYS OPEN #1:  Eric, Lucas, Harrison, Kieran G

SR BOYS OPEN #2:  Cooper, Kieran R-D, Graham W, Evan