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Christening at Mac 2×4

As mentioned at today’s practice the new Westdale Cox Four will be christened at the Mac 2×4 regatta on Saturday.    Tom and I are asking all the Westdale athletes that are participating at the Mac 2×4 to stay for the christening.   The christening will take place just after the awards ceremony and the awards ceremony will be at 11:00 am.

Please dress in your unisuit for the christening and you can wear any other Westdale gear that you have.  If you do not have your unisuit then see me Saturday morning.   I will have all the unisuits with me.

Let’s do everything we can to make the christening a success. Be on your best behaviour, represent the school well, and most of all represent yourself.

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Here are Westdale’s entries for the March 5th event at Ridley in St. Catharines.  Text me as soon as possible either if you want to race and don’t see your name….or if you don’t want to race, but see your name.

Kieran Ray-Daniels, Miriam Loukidelis, Meaghan Hines, Taylor Marof, Meegan Crossley, Madeline Battersby, Kenzie Brochu, Becca Henderson, Liz Li, Zaiga Barrie, Grace Heinbecker, Lucas Austin, Harrison McCann, Cooper Wylie, Kai Ray-Daniels, Sadie Boyter, Kat Ciupka, Katie Yungblut, Astara Truman, Sophia Stavropoulos, Lauren Gadsdon, Victoria Collins, Erik Heinbecker, Kieran Gargarello, Evan White, Hannah Kruizenga, Alex Jones

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Race location is in the atrium of the McMaster Student Centre.  Google McMaster Campus Map and the site will pop up.  Look for number 51 on the map–it’s pretty much right in the centre of the campus.  Please be at Mac 45 minutes before your race time, but all teams would love as much support as possible.  As Mike mentioned this morning, please have your Westdale racing unisuit with you for the boat christening to take place at 11:15.  If you don’t have one yet, please wear something with Westdale colours on it!  We want all Westdale rowers to be in school colours to welcome our new boat!!!  All rowers need to be there until after the boat christening ceremony.  This should be finished around 11:30.

8AM:  JR HS GIRLS LWT 135 #1:  Chloe, Kenzie, Meegan, Erin

8AM:  JR HS GIRLS LWT 135 #2:  Kate McG, Pam, Zaiga, Liz

8AM:  JR HS GIRLS OPEN:  Grace, Sarah, Miriam, Meaghan

8:40AM:  JR. HS BOYS OPEN:  Alex J, Alex N, Kieran R-D, Ahmed

9:20AM:  SR GIRLS LWT 135:  Sadie, Katie Y, Astara, Becca

9:20AM:  SR GIRLS OPEN:  Lauren, Victoria, Allie, Taylor

10AM:  SR BOYS OPEN #1:  Eric, Lucas, Harrison, Kieran G

10AM:  SR BOYS OPEN #2:  Cooper, Kai, Graham W, Evan