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Here are Westdale’s entries for the March 5th event at Ridley in St. Catharines.  Text me as soon as possible either if you want to race and don’t see your name….or if you don’t want to race, but see your name.

Kieran Ray-Daniels, Miriam Loukidelis, Meaghan Hines, Taylor Marof, Meegan Crossley, Madeline Battersby, Kenzie Brochu, Becca Henderson, Liz Li, Zaiga Barrie, Grace Heinbecker, Lucas Austin, Harrison McCann, Cooper Wylie, Kai Ray-Daniels, Sadie Boyter, Kat Ciupka, Katie Yungblut, Astara Truman, Sophia Stavropoulos, Lauren Gadsdon, Victoria Collins, Erik Heinbecker, Kieran Gargarello, Evan White, Hannah Kruizenga, Alex Jones

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