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Those who attended the Ontario Championships on Saturday in St. Catharines are OFF on Monday.  There will be 2K tests on Monday morning for all others.  For those of you still recovering from illness/injury and not able to pull, you don’t need to be there.

Mike and I want to pass along our congratulations on an indoor regatta VERY well rowed!  We set a number of PBs in St. Catharines, and most of those who didn’t set one, came very close.  It is yet more proof that Westdale Rowing is on an irreversible path upwards to bigger and better things!!

The following achieved PBs today.  WELL DONE!

MIRIAM (PB by 7.5 seconds), GRACE (PB by 6 seconds), ALEX JONES (PB by 2 seconds), ZAIGA (PB by 3 seconds), LIZ (PB by 2 seconds), TAYLOR (PB by 3 seconds), PAM (PB by 5 seconds), LUCAS (PB by 2 seconds), HARRISON (PB by 1 second, and a special mention here as he breaks 7:00 for the first time!!), SOPHIA (PB by 1 second), LAUREN (PB by 1 second), EVAN (PB by 7 seconds).

In addition, 4 of our athletes won a coveted TOP TEN T-SHIRT!!!  Taylor finished 8th in the Jr Womens 145b category.  Sophia finished top ten in the Sr. Womens 145 lb category.  Lucas placed top ten in the Sr Men 165 lb category (and broke 6:50 for the first time).  And Lauren placed top ten in the Sr Women category.  (I don’t have placings yet for the last three, only that they were top ten).  Note that I have Sophia and Taylor’s t-shirts and will hand them out on Tuesday.

Finally, a couple of personal observations and comments.  I’m sure I speak for Mike and Peter when I say that it is so great to see you guys race a good race and even better, to set a PB.  The things that I took away from today, in no particular order, were:  The look on Harrison’s face when he FINALLY broke through the 7:00 barrier after being so agonizingly close a couple of times.  Seeing Miriam overcome her nerves to draw the energy from the crowd and do a time that I don’t think even she believed she could do before the race, an almost EIGHT SECOND PB!  Seeing our four junior lighties (Zaiga, Pam, Liz & Maddy) go out and having ALL FOUR finish well within the top half of the field and 3 of them walking away with PBs in their pockets.  Seeing Alex J and Ahmed go out WAAAAAAY too fast at the start…..but instead of giving in and using that as an excuse, fighting like crazy and coming away with a PB and a respectable result.  Seeing Sophia get faster as the race went on and moving up through the field on the big screen to set a PB.  Grace rowing basically alone stuck on the last erg on the end, racing to yet another massive PB.   And Evan, also stuck on the end erg and coming through with a 7-second PB.  For coaches, THESE are the moments that mean the most to us….to see you guys performing to a level you never reached before and more importantly, gaining the confidence that you CAN do this!  We’re really proud of your efforts today…ALL of you!  Keep it up!!


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