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Now is the final push towards our on-water season!

–Tentatively, the docks are scheduled to go in on Saturday, March 26th so we will need all hands on deck for that.  Please make sure you are available from roughly 8am to early afternoon.

–The swim test will be the following week with a date TBA.  Novices must take the test.  If you have bronze cross or lifesaving and can prove it, please let me know—that exempts you from the test.

–For those who didn’t do Ontario’s, we will be getting your 2K tests done either this coming Friday, or the day before Good Friday.  If you have been sick, we don’t want you pulling a test on your first day back.  But also, if you can do it this Friday, do it and get it over with.

–REGISTRATION!!  Mike will be posting a blog about this hopefully later today.  This can all be done online, but has to be done before you are allowed on the water.

–March Break:  There will be a training program that will include running, cross training and erging (for those who have one).  PLEASE maintain your training, especially those who need to pull a 2K test soon after.

–Naming of crews.  I’ll be starting to name some crews this week.  If we have deemed you to be one of the crews to be named, all members must be there.  You won’t find out that you’re in a boat via word of mouth!!!!

WOMEN THIS WEEK:  A note about our training.  Now that the indoor racing season is over, we will be re-focusing on our longer distance pieces to work on the aerobic base on the ergs.  My plan as well, is to increase the number of outdoor runs between now and when we hit the water.  We can’t say enough about the benefits of running for 45 minutes to an hour.  It helps with pacing and it builds aerobic systems.  

TUESDAY:  Erg (30-minutes or 45-minutes)

WEDNESDAY:  Outside run–supposed to be 19 degrees on Wednesday!!!!!!

THURSDAY:  (Tom not here)–“House of Victory”.

FRIDAY:  2K test or 30-minute/45-minute erg

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