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We’ve been lax in our starting times lately.  This is not a good habit to get into as we get closer to on-water.  So….starting Wednesday, there will be a wall sit for each late minute.  For example, it was 6:37 before everybody showed up in the gym, so that would be a 7 minute wall sit.  I know you’re there–I can hear you downstairs when I arrive.  But I’m not in the business of going downstairs every day to tell you we’re starting.  So be in the gym by 6:30 please.

Last year, there were WAAAAY too many occasions when we hit the water at 6am or later.  When we are there at 5:15am, this is a waste of time for everybody involved and will not be tolerated this season.  So here’s the deal this year for the women (and maybe the men, too–Mike to confirm).  Be there at 5:10am.  Do not wait for us to arrive before setting up the coach boat or getting the oars out.  Have hands on the boats at 5:25.  Boats go on stretchers to check all nuts, bolts and wing nuts for tightness, then hull should hit the water at 5:30.  I will be a LOT more impatient this year with lateness than I was last year or in the Fall. Expect to erg, run, do a land session, or a combo of all three if somebody is late/absent.  Think about it this way.  It takes about 4:00 to row one kilometre during practice.  So for every 4:00 we’re late and messing around on the dock, that’s one kilometre we’ve missed.  If “Mileage Makes Champions”, what does “Missed Mileage” make?  Definitely not Champions!!  Chronic lateness will result in changes to a crew with rowers who WANT to be Champions!

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