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Hello Parents!
Parents of our novice rowers are about to embark on a whole new level of fun with your son or daughter’s new sport.  Parents of experienced rowers have been there before and can attest to what an exhilerating experience a rowing regatta can be!  But whether this is all new to you or you’ve gone through it, the question I get from many parents is: “That looks fun, can I try it??”  And then when they DO try it, they have a whole new appreciation for how difficult it is to row!  There is a program at Leander Boat Club called the Row 4 Heart program, which is a Learn To Row program for a great cause.  I have included the link below to the website.  It would be awesome to see our Westdale parents form up a crew and get on the water themselves!  One of our rower’s parents did it and had a blast, and is encouraging others to try it out.
 Please send me a quick e-mail if interested and I’ll keep a list of those parents who want to do it.  Once we have a committed group, I’ll get you all in touch with each other.  The website is:

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