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Let’s hope the upcoming week is better weather-wise, than the previous one! Here are the boatings for Monday.
To refresh the novices’ memories about the process for getting on the water:
1. Arrival & get oars and coach boat ready;
2. Coxwains gather the crews and get hands on the boat;
3. Boat put on stretchers to check ALL hardware for tightness;
4. Boats to the water, oars in quickly and launch.

*Goal for week ending April 17 is to be launched by between 5:35 and 5:40.
*Goal for week ending April 17 is to have built a solid rowing base with four rowing in the eight at a time.
*Goal for week ending April 24 is to have a solid base with 6 rowing at a time. All eight could still be a bit wobbly, but gaining a solid footing.
*Goal for week ending April 24 is to be launched by the normal time of 5:30

Starting week of April 25, we will be putting crews together based on our CSSRA plans and will no longer be assigning mixed experienced/novice boats.  On April 25, the training wheels come off and we push you out of the nest!!!!!!!

Some have asked about a training program for on water.  The past week has pushed it back a bit, but loosely, we will spend two weeks teaching the novices how to row.  For seniors, the Power Stroke workout works PERFECTLY with this, so expect to be doing that one a lot.  Week two, I will throw in a couple of steady state pieces of about 10 minutes straight, with six rowing at a time, and then breaking back down to rowing four at a time.  Towards the end of week two, we will attempt rowing all eight together for a few minutes at a time.  (A good sign that I’m happy with progress will be if we try rowing all eight together on the square.  I won’t try it unless I think we can do it—this first two weeks is about building up confidence to make a rowing stroke!!

8+#1: (COX) Kate McG, (8) Steph, (7) Victoria, (6) Chloe, (5) India, (4) Miriam, (3) Allie, (2) Liz, (Bow) Erin
8+#2: (COX) Morgyn, (S) Grace, (7) Tristan, (6) Maddy, (5) Pam, (4) Becca, (3) Meaghan, (2) Meegan, (Bow) Andreea
4+#1 (WITH MIKE): (COX) Drew, (S) Sadie, (3) Sophia, (2) Kat, (B) Katie Y
1x (WITH MIKE): Lauren

8+#1: (COX) Hannah, (8) Allie, (7) Astara, (6) Kieran, (5) Kai, (4) Jesse, (3) Kenzie, (2) Alex T, (Bow) Ahmed
4x#1: (S) Cooper Wylie, Graham, Cooper Waye, (Bow) Claire

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