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Below is the regatta schedule. It is expected that all rowers will be available all day on the following days:

SUNDAY, MAY 8: (Mothers Day Regatta in St. Catharines)
SATURDAY & SUNDAY MAY 21, 22 (Victoria Day long weekend) (Welland High School Regatta in Welland)
SATURDAY, MAY 28: (Hamilton City Championships at Bayfront Park)
FRIDAY, SATURDAY, SUNDAY JUNE 3, 4, 5: (CSSRA Championships)

Typical regattas run as follows: A couple of days before the regatta, the draw is posted, so you will know the times of your races. Keep in mind that delays, especially due to weather, can and do happen. The morning before Mothers Day and Welland, we de-rig boats and load the trailer, which then goes to the regatta site. For Mothers Day, we will require that all rowers be onsite to help unload the trailer and rig the boats around 7am, as well as to support our Westdale crews. Most of us will (hopefully) race twice that day: once in a heat and once in a final. Once our races are finished and the boat we’re rowing is finished racing, it needs to be de-rigged and loaded onto the trailer. The trailer will be pulling out of the boat park around 6, returning to Leander where we will unload it and rig up the boats. Weiland will be similar. Prior to any regatta, there will be a detailed list of what times to be there, what times you are racing and any other pertinent details, including weigh in times for lightweights, middleweights and coxswains. The women’s crews will be given the Monday off following both Mothers Day and Welland.

We know it’s Mothers Day and we know dinner plans abound. But the trailer will not unload itself and many hands make light work. Expect your Mothers Day day to run from a 7AM arrival in St. Catharines to a 7:30PM finish time at Leander.

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