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A few notes through the first two weeks of on-water.
–The rowing has been, for the most part, solid. Novices are now putting together some decent strokes. You have been getting on the water pretty quickly and we’re getting some good water time in. Big positive tick in the box on that….well done.
–One thing we’ve been bad at is last minute notifications that you can’t make it. While the reason may be legit, there is simply nothing I can do at 4:30am. The days of juggling crews have finished, and starting Monday, it will be up to the rowers to find spares if they can’t make it when they are scheduled. The only exception to this is that I will fix my own mistake (i.e., if you told me about something in advance and schedule you anyway). If a full crew is not there, the remaining crew will do an erg instead.

Below are the crews for Monday and Tuesday. You will notice we are now rowing mostly fours.  The priority for who gets what boat is, the one listed first is the priority boat for that day.  All fours for CSSRA will be in the Miller, so you will all be rotated through it for training so you can become familiar with it.

If you are rowing with Mike, you need to row fast enough to stay with him! Please don’t fall behind. We are starting our volume phase, so we need to get as many strokes as possible in per day. When you turn, turn quickly, take a drink in 30 seconds, and get going. Your coaches will be talking very little–we will talk while you row. This sport is called “Rowing”. It’s not called “Let’s-Have-a-Five-Minute-Meeting-Every-Time-We-Stop”

11K TOTAL. (11K is two full loops of the course along the west shore)
INCL 6 X 30 POWER STROKES WITH HALF THE BOAT ROWING. Once finished, the rest of the row is whole crew rowing, steady state at 22spm. Key focus points: maintain power and leg drive.

JWM4+1 (MILLER) (WITH MIKE): (COX) Drew (S) Meegan, (3) Kenzie (2) Maddy (B) India
SM4+: (ROYAL): (COX) Steph, (S) ??????? (3) Sophia, (2) Kat, (B) Katie Y
JL4+ (minus Kenzie) (CHESTER WAXMAN): (COX) Kate McG, (S) Erin, (3) Becca, (2) Chloe, (Bow) Liz
8+ (GRIFFITHS) (COX) Pamela, (S) Grace, (7) Miriam, (6) Meaghan, (5) Sarah, (4) Hannah, (3) Zaiga, (2) Alex J, (Bow) Alex T
2x (WITH MIKE): Allie, Tristan
1x (WITH MIKE): Lauren

MONDAY 4PM (WITH PETER & POSSIBLY LUKE). Same workout as this morning. 2xs should use a bungee cord.
2X: Lauren, Victoria
4X : (S) Claire (3) Graham, (2) ??????? Bow) Cooper Wylie
4X: (S) Jesse, (3) Cooper Waye, (2) Ahmed, (Bow) Kieran

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