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These regatta entries are in progress and nearly complete, so if you are not able to make it to one of them and haven’t told me, now would be a GREAT time to let me know!
FYI, once the regatta deadline has passed, we get charged fees for anything out of the ordinary. If we have to make a name change, that is a fee. The big one is if we have to scratch a race–that is a $50 fee, on top of the $75 entry fee we have already paid. Big bucks for a program with a limited budget! So please make sure none of us do anything that might cause us to incur fees: Be on time for your races, REMEMBER YOUR SCHOOL ID!!, no late requests to cause us either to scratch or have to make a name change. There are other scenarios as well, but as we head into Regatta season, let’s be on top of it all!!!

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