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Here are the crews for Mothers Day.  Everybody is racing ONE event only, with the exception of two coxswains (Drew & Kate McG), Jesse Manzin, Alex Jones and Alex Tessier, and Kenzie, who will race in two events.  Stefan has allowed two events for the above individuals because it is the only way of giving somebody else one event.  If anybody has any questions about this, please e-mail or text me.
Dina Gadsdon has graciously offered to put together a document that will detail what a rowing regatta is all about. Novice rowers, you are about to experience the most exhilerating part of our sport! You will go from sitting in the starting gates, feeling your heart trying to beat its way out of your chest, wondering why you ever decided to get into this sport…..to finishing your race and thinking “THAT WAS AWESOME!!!!!” And novice parents, you are about to enter a whole new realm of fun!!
A quick word about the crews below. Mothers Day features heats in the morning and finals in the afternoon. We don’t know yet, whether a heat will be required for your race–we will know that a few days before the regatta. We will post times here.


EVENT #1: JM 4+: (COX) Kate McGall, (S) Jesse Manzin, (3) Alex Jones, (2) Cooper Waye, (Bow) Alex Tessier

EVENT #7: JM 4+: (COX) Drew Gancasz, (S) Jesse Manzin, Alex Jones, (3) Ahmed Al-Saqqar, (Bow) Alex Tessier

EVENT #11: SW 4X: (S) Grace Heinbecker, (3) Victoria Collins, (2) Tristan Waye, (Bow) Allie Henderson

EVENT 21: SW 63kg 2X: (S) Astara Truman, (Bow) Claire Gammal

EVENT 22: SW 63kg 4+: (COX) Steph Castellana, (S) Sadie Boyter, (3) Sophia Stavropulos, (2) Kat Ciupka, (Bow) Katie Yungblut

EVENT #23: SM 4X #1: **Not sure of seating order** (S) Erik Heinbecker, (3) Kieran Gargarello, (2) Harrison McCann, (Bow) Lucas Austin

EVENT #23: SM 4X#2: (S) Evan White, (3) Kieran Ray-Daniels, (2) Graham West, (Bow) Cooper Wylie

EVENT #24: SW1X: Lauren Gadsdon

EVENT #26: JW 8+: ((COX)) Drew Gancasz, (S) Miriam Loukidelis, (7) Meaghan Hines, (6) Liz Li, (5) Sarah Boucher, (4) Andreea Sima, (3) Zaiga Barrie, (2) Hannah Kruizinga, (Bow) Pam Wang

EVENT #28: JW 59kg 4+: (COX) Morgyn Roberts, (S) Erin Hastings, (3) Becca Henderson, (2) Chloe Cyr, (Bow) Kenzie Brochu

EVENT #34: JW 63 kg 4+: (COX) Kate McGall, (S) Meegan Crossley, (3) Kenzie Brochu, (2) Madeline Battersby, (Bow) India Walker

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