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I’ve had a number of questions regarding school ID. Below is cut and pasted directly from the regatta website.

PHOTO Identification
• School photo identification is required for all crews and may be randomly checked for any event during HEATS.
• School photo identification is required for all crews advancing to the finals and will be checked at the Control Commission prior to the crews checking in.

If you need to replace lost school PHOTO ID, please look after that immediately.

I will be sending out our entries likely early next week. Most are racing in at least two events. Some have three and a couple have four. We are trying to get you as much racing experience as we can. You will row TONS. It is a 3.5 km row just to get to the start, then you row back. If you are in 2 events that both require heats and you make the final, that is four races in a day. At 3.5 km there and 3.5 km back, that’s 7K per race, for a grand total of 28km in one day. So we need to stay as rested as possible!!

There are weigh-ins for any weight class rowers as well as coxswains. (Coxies all have to weigh over 55kg, so we’re OK there, but you still have to weigh in). Info on that is forthcoming in the next week or so.
I will also be holding another weigh-in over the next few days, so be ready for that. We will also have one next week as well.

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