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Some changes to what you may have seen, so read carefully and know what your race time is. I have sent dayshifts to the women and novice men with launch times, race times and boats.

8:12AM: Jr. Women 63 kg 4+
8:48AM: Sr Women 4x
9:06AM: Jr Men 4x
9:36AM: Sr Men 2x
10:36AM: Sr Women 4+
10:54AM: Jr Women 63kg 8+
11:00AM: Sr. Men 4+
11:36AM: Sr Women 1x
11:42AM: Sr Men 1x (Erik)
11:48AM: Sr. Men 1x (Harrison)
11:54AM: Sr. Men 1x (Lucas)
1:18PM: Jr. Women 4+ (Both crews)
1:48PM: Sr. Men Club 2-

2:18PM: Jr Women 63kg 4+
2:27PM: Sr Women 4x
2:36PM: Jr Men 4x
2:45PM: Sr Men 2x
3:12PM: Sr Women 4+
3:21PM: Jr Women 63kg 8+
3:30PM: Sr Men 4+
3:39PM: Sr Women 1x
3:48PM: Sr Men 1x
4:06PM: Jr Women 4+
4:42PM: Sr Women 63kg 8+ (STRAIGHT FINAL)
4:51PM: Sr Men Club 2-

8:30AM: Sr Women 2x (Grace)
8:36AM: Sr Women 2x (Victoria)
9:06AM: Jr Women 8+
9:48: Sr Men 4x (Erik)
9:54: Sr Men 4x (Graham)
10AM: Sr Women 59kg 4+
11:36AM: Jr Women 59 kg 4+
12:12PM: Sr Women 63kg 4+
12:36PM: Jr Women 4x
1PM: Jr. Men 4+
1:24PM: Sr Men 8+

1:44PM: Sr Women 2x
1:52PM: Jr Women 8+
2:16PM: Sr Men 4x
2:24PM: Sr Women 59kg 4+
3:04PM: Jr Women 59kg 4+
3:28PM: Sr Women 63kg 4+
3:36PM: Jr Women 4x
3:52PM: Jr Men 4+
4:08PM: Sr. Men 8+

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