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Here are the crews for Cities.  For all those not doing a pre-row with me at 5:30, please be at the club by 6:45. Post regatta, when the boats are all put away, there will be a general club cleanup. Please see Jake and help as much as you can with this.

Please go by what is listed below and NOT ON THE OFFICIAL DRAW!!!!

8:40:  (HEAT-3 FASTEST TIMES) SW4X (ASTRA): (S) Victoria, (3) Tristan, (2) SARAH, (Bow) Allie
**FINAL AT 10:30***

9:10: (HEAT-3 FASTEST TIMES) SM4X:  SM4X (ASTRA): Lucas, Erik, Harrison, Kieran
***FINAL AT 12:50****

9:20AM: SW2X (JUSTICE). HEAT 1. 1ST TO FINAL: Lauren, Victoria

9:40AM: SW2X (BROCK #1). HEAT 3. 1ST TO FINAL: Astara, Sadie
**NOTE: SW2X FINAL AT 12:40**

9:50AM: JM4+ (MILLER): (COX) ALEX JONES, (S) Jesse, (3) Cooper, (2) Ahmed, (Bow) Alex T

10AM: Jr Mid 8+ (GRIFFITHS): (COX) Kate, (S) Meegan, (7) Becca, (6) Erin, (5) Kenzie, (4) Chloe, (3) India, (2) Liz, (Bow) Maddy

10:20AM: SM2X (JUSTICE): Harrison, Kieran


10:40AM: JW2X#1 (CHERWINSKI): Meegan, Becca
10:40AM: JW2X#2 (JUSTICE): Hannah, Sarah

10:50AM: JM4X (BAKER): (S) Jesse, (3) Cooper, (2) Kieran R-D, (Bow) Alex T

11:10: SM4+ (MILLER): (COX) ALEX JONES,  (S) Graham, (3) Evan, (2) Ahmed, (Bow) Cooper Wylie

11:20: SW 63KG 8+ (GRIFFITHS): (COX) Steph, (S) Sophia, (7) Katie, (6) Astara, (5) Claire, (4) Kat, (3) INDIA, (2) Zaiga, (Bow) Pam

11:50: SM1X#1: Lucas
11:50: SM1X#2: Erik

12:10: JW4+ (MILLER): (COX) Kate, (S) Erin, (3) Becca, (2) Chloe, (Bow) Kenzie

12:20PM: JW4+ (POPPI): (COX) Drew, (S) Grace, (3) Meaghan, (2) Miriam, (Bow) India


12:50: SM4X FINAL

1PM: JM 2X (JUSTICE): Jesse, Cooper

1:10PM: JW4X (ASTRA): (S) Grace, (3) Meaghan, (2) Miriam, (Bow) HANNAH

1:20: SW4+ (ST. MARYS06): (COX) DREW, (S) Astara, (3) CLAIRE, (2)  CHLOE, (Bow) Zaiga

1:30: SW4+ (MILLER): (COX) Steph, (S) Sophia, (3) Katie, (2) Kat, (Bow)  SADIE

1:40: SW1X: Lauren

1:50: SM8+: (COX) Astara, Lucas, Kieran, Harrison, Erik, Evan, Kieran R-D, Cooper Wylie, Graham

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