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Only club athletes rowing in the summer will pull tests on Saturday.  One person has pulled a practice test before Saturday and made a SIGNIFICANT PB, so the circumstances are right for some big gains—I’m looking forward to hopefully hearing some more great news on Saturday!!!

I wasn’t able to get a time for any others wishing to pull one voluntarily, so we’ll have to wait until November!  Have a GREAT summer!  I can tell you that I’ve already been putting some thought into next season and how we can do our absolute best to increase our success rate!  My wife has already set the bar at 8 finals for next season, so the challenge is on!  Obviously, when the specifics of numbers and squad strength become more evident, the target for number of finals will become less arbitrary and more specific.  In other words, the number could go up or down.  But trying to double the number of finals next season is a great place to start!!!


  1. Thanks again Tom for the incredible season! Kate has signed up for 3 private learn to row sessions and will follow through with Bantam rowing in an effort to improve for next season. Also going to give our erg a great workout this summer to bring down those times! Thanks again! Jennifer (Kate McGall’s mom)

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