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Your coaches and our senior rowers have been doing a lot of work in preparation for, what we think, will be a FANTASTIC rowing season!!!  You should see signs going up on Monday, announcing the first meeting on Wednesday, October 26th in the library at 7PM.  This is a general meeting for parents and rowers, and especially NOVICE parents and rowers.  Following that meeting, winter training will commence at 6:30am on Monday, October 31st!

FALL ROWERS:  We do not want to see any non-RADAR rowers who did the Fall season at Leander until Thursday, November 10th.  RADAR rowers are off until Monday, November 14.  This is your transition period and you need to use it wisely so we don’t burn out in late January.  In addition, those who did Fall season will be restricted to aerobic base-training (running, land fun, weights) until December 1.  Two reasons:  Ergs are needed for the high number of novices, and you need some time to focus on something other than a “rowing stroke” for a while.  I DO ask that anybody who is doing RADAR, to please make sure you take care of your test week IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING the Head of the Fish regatta and before you enter into your transition period.  I suggest Tuesday November 1 be your 2K, Wednesday Nov 2 be the 10-stroke and 1-minute, and Thursday, November 3 be the 6K.  I’m happy to oversee these AFTER PRACTICE at 8am at the school.

YOGA!!!!!!   If you don’t already have one, those who will be rowing on the water in the spring will need to purchase a yoga mat, because Wednesday mornings will now be known as “YOGA MORNINGS” starting on November 16th.  We will have not one, but two yoga instructors who will help us improve greatly in an area where we felt we underachieved last year:  CORE STRENGTH & FLEXIBILITY!!!!  Jenna and Sarah will be running us through two types of ‘high energy’ yoga:  “Piyo” and “Buti”.  This will also help prepare you for your flexibility testing that will be taking place this season.

If there are any questions, please let me know either by text (289-527-5800), or by e-mail at tbeshoff@cogeco.ca



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