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HAPPY HALLOWE’EN, our first day of winter training.  Costumes are encouraged!  Please bring the following:  your good selves, a pen, WARM clothing with which to run outside, and clothing suitable for running inside.  The morning will be structured like this:  We will meet in the middle gym at 6:30.  Mike and I will go through an introduction about rowing at Westdale.  We will also hand out permission sheets that MUST be handed back to us as soon as possible–deadline date TBA.  After our introductions, we will split the groups into two for the remaining time.  Group one will run loops of the Westdale block outside, while group two will do a session of “House of Victory” inside.  At the halfway point, we will switch–group two will then change and go outside, group one will come inside, change and do House of Victory.  We will then do a group stretch in the gym to close it out.