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Experienced rowers will do an indoor session (House of Victory/The 300) with Mike,  while the novices do ergs with me.  We will review what we learned the other day, then we will do some short pieces at low rate and start putting multiple strokes together.

For all rowers, especially the novices, you are likely noticing some stiffness in the muscles.  This is completely normal and after a week or so, you will notice that this subsides as your muscles get used to working.  This is a GOOD sign–it means you are working hard and  it means we are working the right muscles.  Ice, stretching, hot bath, massage–all of these help tremendously.  We are trying to get you to undertake continuous movement where you elevate your heart rate to a level and keep it there.  If we are running and you can only do two laps around the Westdale block to start, that is your starting base.  The next day, try to go further in the same amount of time.  Before you know it, you will have VASTLY improved your aerobic base.  You have challenged yourself to undertake a fantastic sport that is difficult but rewarding in more ways than you can imagine.  What the mind believes, the body will deliver.  You all CAN do this, trust me.  You’re all doing a great job—keep up the good work!

6:25AM: Experienced rowers lead novices in setting up all ergs, teaching them how to do it.
6:30AM: Warmup run around the gym
6:45AM: Break up into groups
7:45AM: Group stretch session
7:55AM: All ergs disassembled and put away by novices
8:00AM: Done

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