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For the novices, the first question you will have is:  “what is a ‘tank’ session”?  A ‘tank’ is a small pool of water that allows us to teach you an actual rowing stroke, with an oar and a moving seat.  It is the best way of mimicking the rowing stroke–even better than the erg. Last season, we only did a few ‘tank’ sessions.  This year, we will be adding two sessions per week, so that when the spring comes along, you will be VERY familiar with how to put together a rowing stroke.  Our sessions will start this coming Tuesday at 4PM at Leander Boat Club, then run every Monday and Tuesday at 4PM.  Leander is the club we row out of.  To start, these sessions will involve 2 rowing at a time while everybody else watches and listens to me coach.  Practical work +  observation is the best form of learning in our case.  We will also do a short circuit session so that we don’t go without some physical exercise.  Leander is easy to get to.  Go to the foot of Bay St.  Turn left on Leander Dr.  Go to the end where the circle is, and turn right into the parking lot—Leander is the yellow building there.

Those who attend any afternoon sessions at Leander are excused from morning training on those days.

For the first four or five sessions, I would like some experienced volunteers, one per session on a rotating basis, to help out with the novices learning the stroke pattern.  I would prefer  that it NOT be any of the Fall season rowers until your transition off season is finished.

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