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On Friday, we will be having a team workout!  Here’s how it will work.  On arrival, please pull out ten ergs and put them in a circle around the middle of the gym.  Following our warmup run, we will make up teams of roughly four or five each, with experienced rowers being spread out evenly amongst the teams.  Each team will have one rower, one “cheerer”, and two or three doing core exercises for the duration of each erg.  The rules for the erg are simple:  Try to get as many metres as you can in 2:00 while rowing at 18-20 strokes per minute.  Let’s say we have 5 people on a team.  Person 1 will erg for 2:00, person 2 will cheer them on and encourage them for two minutes, person 3 will do crunchies for 2:00, person 4 will do squat jumps for 2:00, and person 5 will do lunges for 2:00.  When the erg is finished, everyone moves on to the next position and you keep rotating for the whole time.  We will set the ergs for a :20 second “transition” time in order to allow one person to get off and the other to get on.  This will also be rest time for others on the team.

I also need 8 each for the Monday and Tuesday 4PM tank session at Leander Boat Club.  If you weren’t there this past Tuesday, please let me know if you can make it on either Monday or Tuesday.   You can let me know at practice Friday morning, or text me at 289-527-5800, or e-mail at tbeshoff@cogeco.ca

Finally, if you intend on rowing on the water, please bring your cheque for $50 as soon as possible.  It should be made out to Westdale Rowing.  This will be a deposit for your spring fees when we go on the water.