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Clothing Order Plus Unisuit Details

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We have a large surplus of unisuits (and I mean  large) for sale.   These are the the standard regulation Westdale racing unisuit.    I’m asking everyone of you to purchase one of the surplus unisuits before you get one through RegattaSport.

On a first come first server basis we are selling these unisuits for $80 which is $5 less than through RegattaSport.    Once this block of unisuits is sold you will have to buy through RegattaSport.   The next paragraph gives you the details on how to do this.

The details on how to order your unisuits and other clothing items has been posted to this website.  On the main page select the sub-page marked 2016 unisuit and clothing order.    Remember a unisuit is mandatory and all other items are optional.

Please see me (Coach Mike).   I have the following sizes and I have conveniently given you a size chart:   Size Chart

XS 2
S 10
S-Tall 3
M 2

S 2
S-Tall 2
M 6


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