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The fire alarms are being tested Thursday morning. Temps will be around 0, so we will start 15 minutes late at 6:45 inside. All experienced rowers–Fall & non-Fall–will do land training with Ali & Mike, with novices on the ergs with Pete & I.  We will do the same groupings on Friday.

Friday marks the end of the three week “trial” period.  $50 deposits are due for those planning on rowing on the water in the spring.  I’ve had a couple of questions from those not planning on rowing in the spring, but who would like to do yoga.  Because yoga is a direct cost to the program, the $50 fee would apply–this would be non-refundable in the spring if the athlete chooses not to row.  If there are ANY questions about this, please e-mail me at tbeshoff@cogeco.ca, text me at 289-527-5800, or speak to me in the morning at training.

Next week is our first testing week.  The week will unfold as follows…..note that Fall rowers will not be doing any erg testing in this round.

MONDAY: Non-Fall experienced rowers: 2K erg test
Novices: Flexibility testing
((**Fall rowers will do “House of Victory” and be joined by novices after flexibility tests**))

TUESDAY: ALL experienced rowers: Flexibility tests
Novices: 2500 metre erg test with RATE CAPPED between 18-20 strokes per minute.
((**Experienced rowers will do S&C following flexibility tests**))


THURSDAY: Non-Fall experienced rowers: 6K erg test
Novices: Strength tests
((**Fall rowers will do House of Victory” and be joined by novices after strength tests**))

FRIDAY: ALL experienced rowers: Strength tests
ALL ROWERS: Run test

Finally, well done on this morning’s yoga. High grades to many of you—there was a lot of quality work in what I saw. We had a terrific turnout and the classes were totally what we were thinking of when we first looked into this. The gains we will make from this over the winter will be phenomenal. You will feel quite stiff this evening and likely tomorrow–an epsom salts bath, a hot shower and massaging the affected muscles will help. The stiffness and soreness will dissipate over time, but the gains will last forever.