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Congratulations to the novices, who pulled their first official test this morning—2500 metres with rate capped at 18-20.  Well done to you all.  From what I heard from Ali & Pete, the technique held together pretty well, which is what we are after.  We now all have a starting point, with the goal being to try to improve it each time out.  You will have another chance at the 2500 metre test just before the holidays where will compare those scores with today and hopefully see how much you’ve improved!  In January and onwards, you will get to try your hand at 2K tests with open ratings—no rate cap.

Well done to all on their flexibility testing.  This is new for us, but has been pretty revealing so far.  I can’t wait for our testing week just before Christmas.  We’re very hopeful of seeing some significant gains in this area, which WILL translate to a longer stroke, which WILL translate into better boat speed!  If we work on what we identify as our weaknesses, we will be hard to beat!

YOGA session #2 is upon us!  Remember your mats!  Last week was awesome—let’s make Wednesday awesomer! We have two really enthusiastic instructors who were thrilled with you guys last week.

Thursday we have Novices doing Strength testing and Fall rowers doing “Maison de Victoire”.  Seniors will change to S&C, given that we didn’t get to S&C today with Flex testing.

We will likely reschedule Experienced strength testing to next week in favour of the run test on Friday.