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Well done to those at Chedoke this morning.  It was a spirited stair run by all!  Starting next Saturday morning (December 10) at 8AM, we will be adding a stair run to the weekly training schedule (weather permitting, of course).  We invite any parents/family to join in as well.  We did 35 minutes continuously this morning and we’ll bump it to 40 next week.  I time each lap and give a readout to all with lap times. The goal is to try to improve our lap times and make them consistent.

You will notice a configuration adjustment to page one of the blog.  The Regatta schedule is now posted, with the only question mark being the Mac 2×4, whose date has not been set yet.  We STRONGLY encourage participation is as many indoor regattas as possible.  As for outdoor regattas, if you know now that you can’t make one of them, please let us know as soon as possible.  The BIG one is the Canadian Secondary School Champs in June—we do need you to be available for that one, as it is the one we are building towards.

Some slight changes to next week’s training schedule. Monday, novices will do an erg with Mike.  Tom will pick off any rowers who haven’t done a video session.  Pete will do S&C with the Seniors, to be joined by Tom if video finished.  Tuesday, seniors will erg & novices will do S&C.  Wednesday is the ALL-IMPORTANT YOGA!!  There are also tank sessions at Leander Monday & Tuesday at 4PM–please let me know if you want in.

Testing has ended for this period–we are now only three week’s away from the next test week, which takes place just before we break for the holidays.  If you missed any tests, there will be no makeup….just make sure you don’t miss any tests in the next test week!  FYI, after the December 19-23 test week, the remaining test weeks will be February 6-12 and either March 20-26 if it looks like we’ll be getting on the water early…or March 27-April 2 if not.

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