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Mike will be at the foot of Chedoke stairs on Saturday morning at 8am for our weekly instalment of stair runs.  I’m unable to make it, but will be there for future weeks.  If you are unable to make it, a Leander Boat Club coach is running one on Sunday morning this weekend at 8:30am.  For Sunday, to make things even more fun there will be a costume contest with prizes for the best group and individual costume, this month’s theme is “Holiday Cheer”.

Next week, we begin the third three week cycle of 11 in our season.  This next three week stretch offers something distinctly different each week:  week one is a normal training week.  Week two is a testing week.  And week three is the first week of holidays where we will be offering training sessions at Leander Boat Club each day.  Mike, Pete and I have been impressed with your work ethics thus far.  Keep it up!

We have one more week of the experienced/novices mix.  Experienced rowers will be on the ergs Monday and Thursday, Novices will be on the ergs Tuesday and Friday.  For non-erg days, experienced rowers will do S&C on Tuesday and will start the pre-Holiday testing battery on Friday with flexibility tests.  Novices will do S&C on Monday and weights on Thursday.  YOGA FOR ALL on Wednesday and a Chedoke Stair Run to finish off the week on Saturday!  I’ve been collecting erg numbers for all of you and the data is starting to tell the story.  Some of you are noticeably falling behind on the number of ergs completed, so please make sure to prioritize sessions where your group is on the erg.  If this is a problem, please see one of the coaches.

I am almost finished doing a video session with everybody.  If I haven’t gotten you for video, this should happen on either Monday or Tuesday.  Our next run of video will happen in the New Year.  Remember that each of you are responsible to make the technical changes and correct the mistakes that we both see on the video—becoming better technical rowers will collectively make your crew faster!

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