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It is early, but early notice is good notice!  We will be undertaking one our our two main fundraisers this year on SATURDAY, APRIL 15TH.  Note that this is the Saturday of Easter weekend.  I will be providing details in the coming weeks, but we will need all rowers available for some part of this day.  Ideally, we will work in 2 or 3 hour shifts.  There are some small tasks involved with this, but really—for the amount of money we can potentially make for our rowing program vs the effort involved, it is a VERY worthy fundraiser.  But we need YOU to make it happen!

For novices and novice parents, FYI the other fundraiser we do is the Legendary Chili Cookoff!!!  More information on that as we get closer–that is a fun one and also a huge fundraiser for our program!!

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