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As you all know, I’ve been keeping track of your ergs and the numbers.  It’s very important for us….and for you….to be able to track your improvement.  Improvement leads to better technique, which leads to better performance, which improves your confidence.

If any of you not listed here want to know your exact numbers and ranks, please ask.  Note that there are a number of you just below these top four or five.  So even though you aren’t listed, those are still good performances and we’re quite happy with those athletes. However, there are a number who are lagging behind in both the number of ergs done and mileage and we are starting to have some concern with those athletes, with whom we will be having chats with in the New Year.  It’s pretty simple:  If someone has done 11 ergs and someone else has done three, there is an imbalance that needs to be fixed if those two athletes are to sit in the same boat.  “More ergs” would be a wonderful New Year’s resolution to make if you are lower down the list, because “MILES MAKE CHAMPIONS”.

Congratulations to the athletes below–well done!

Charlotte: 11
Dania: 11
Sequoia: 10
Camilla & Serena: 9 each

NUMBER OF ERGS-EXPERIENCED (**NOTE:  It is likely that both number of ergs and mileage is higher for the experienced athletes—I spent more time with the novices than seniors, so below is what I have from the relatively short time I was with the seniors)).
Lauren: 8
Victoria: 6
Meegan: 6
Lucas: 6

Sequoia: 45,559 metres
Dania: 41,626 metres
Serena: 41,331 metres
Charlotte: 40,509 metres

Lauren: 95,100 metres
Victoria: 81,060 metres
Lucas: 79,914 metres
Erik: 67,823

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