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Hello Rowers and Parents!  As you know already, by virtue of hearing alarm clocks ringing at 6am, your sons and daughters have been up and at ’em for rowing training since Hallowe’en.  Training is going well and I expect to see some fast crews hitting the water in April.  From a coaching perspective, last year Westdale achieved 4 finals and 1 medal at the CSSRA Championships.  We are aiming higher than that this year, and from what I’ve seen so far, I believe we are well capable of hitting our targets.

We have made a capital purchase of two Concept II ergometers, which will add to our fleet of 12.  These will be picked up in Mississauga at the conclusion of CIRC.  Purchasing them at either that regatta or Ontario’s  is the cheapest option available to us—they are sold at cost.

Some of you will ask how we make capital purchases.  It is a great question.  We try to keep these purchases off the backs of our rowers and parents as much as possible.  Rowing and racing/regatta fees are high enough without adding another chunk for “capital” purchases.  We have two fundraisers coming up this year:  The Chili Cookoff and grocery bagging at Fortino’s on Easter Weekend.  Funds from here go mostly towards capital purchases like boats and ergs.  We try to keep them separate from regatta fees, although it is necessary to dip into that fund if we find we are short.  If any of you have any questions about where the fees go, Mike and I would be happy to answer.  None of the coaches are paid and 100% of everything you pay goes right back into rowing.  If anything is left in the kitty at the end of the year, it gets rolled into the following year.  Our fundraisers are vital to not only the success of our program, but the very survival of it, so please make sure we knock it out of the park on these two events!!!

In the next few weeks, we will be letting you know of the fees for the outdoor season.  FYI, parents of return rowers:  Leander’s fees have risen from last year, so that will eat into the deposits we collected at the beginning of the year (Note:  not all deposits have been collected, so I will be mentioning this to rowers who have not paid this yet.  As outlined early on the season, rowers who have paid the deposit will have the $50 deducted from the final fee.



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