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Just a refresher on registering for the indoor regattas, so you don’t have to search.  Here is how to register.  Go to regattacentral.com.  Click on Regattas on the top menu bar. In the dropdown menus, select Upcoming Regattas, and then Canada beside it.  You will see Leander Indoor Championships there.  Click on that.  In the top right, you will then see a blue Register button.  Click on that.  It will take you to a login page.  If you have a login, use that.  If you don’t, please create one.  On the registration page, there should be an option to register.  Fill in your info and press Next.  That will take you to the main page.  Click on the blue “Submit Entry” box beside the event you will enter.  It will then take you through the payment process.  Entries are $15.  If it asks you for an affiliation, put down Westdale SS.

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