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We realize there are reasons you may not be able to make it this Saturday…..work, family being away, etc.  But if you are local and can do it, PLEASE do.  There are a number of very valid reasons why we would like to see you there.

1. This is a team event with points awarded, and we are the Westdale Team. Currently, we have 12 rowers registered while St. Mary’s has 23 and Ancaster has 21. The fewer the rowers, the more difficult it is to win the points title, so please help your team out!

2. I’ve spoken to some of you and you’ve mentioned that you can’t race because you don’t have a unisuit. If you have one, please wear it, but for indoor regattas, it is not vital that you have one!

3. Some of you are nervous about racing and I understand that. This is why this regatta is the PERFECT opportunity for us to start helping you in this area, in terms of mental prep, going through the experience and working on dealing with nerves, because we are treating this as a “practice” for your first 2K. Our next indoor regatta on February 5th in Mississauga will be part of a test week—it will either be done there or at the school the following morning for anyone who can’t make it to Mississauga….I would recommend against either of these ones being your first ever 2K!

Please speak with any of the coaches if you have any questions.

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