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A couple of quick notes first.  Remember, Saturday’s races are at St. Mary’s, NOT LEANDER!  I’m hoping to have race times by later today.

Second, on Friday morning, the school will be locked until 6:30 for fire alarm testing, so please show up at that point….not earlier.

As for this morning, well done, team!  This morning was not an easy workout by any stretch, but you did it!  That may be the hardest training session you have ever done, and some—especially the novices, may be left questioning how they did, or what the point of it was.  In order to get you guys to explore the outer limits of what you are capable of, from time to time we need to push you out there to see how you survive and to see how you deal with that.  It is as much a mental challenge as a physical one–if you can get through this morning, you will be able to handle races like Saturday!  It’s not about excelling or dominating at the point of your limit—it IS about finding a way to handle it and getting your mind to dictate your performance.   The key to being good at this sport is as much about “finding a way”, as it is about raw talent.  There are many times, not only in sport but in life, where you will need to “find a way”.  This morning, you “found a way”.  Well done!


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