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Monday, men are on the ergs.  Women will do House of Victory–we haven’t done that in awhile!

Quiet Week starts this week.  The school will be open through the entire Quiet Week/Exam Week period and the coaches will be there.  Studies have shown that exercise will COMPLEMENT, not HINDER your focus and ability.  It isn’t mandatory, but HIGHLY recommended to attend.

As mentioned, very well done on those who attended the indoor regatta!  We were very impressed.  The entries are open for the next one–Canadian Indoor Rowing Championships.  Entries are done in the same manner.  We would like to see all there again, but understand if you have to work.  The CIRC regatta leads into a testing week, so it would be to your benefit to pull in a motivational environment.  Note that CIRC and/or Leander Indoors will count towards this 2K test.  If you aren’t able to do CIRC and you’re happy with what you pulled on Saturday, we will accept those scores.  I would still encourage novices to do CIRC–the more racing opportunities you can do, the better, and more comfortable you will get at this!

One more note on winter training.  The indoor season is the most difficult part of the season, folks.  The senior rowers will tell you that the reward when we get on the water is fantastic!  It’s WAAAYYYY better than this!  I know that NOBODY likes the erg and that it’s boring.  We understand it because we’ve done it ourselves and gone through it.  Remember that we’re here to help you become the very best you can be…..and judging from the results on Saturday with so many significant PBs, we are on the right track.  We are right there beside you in your disdain for the erg, BUT realizing that winter training and erging are the necessary evil of our sport will go a long way towards getting you through it.  If you want to be in good crews and in a fast boat, there’s no way around it.  But once we hit the water, the only erging we do is on days where it’s dictated by the weather.  And HOPEFULLY that will be zero erg days!  And the best news of all is, we could be as little as 9 weeks away from getting on the water!  So hang in there.  You’re over halfway through winter and the best part of the season is getting closer and closer!!

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