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There will be a training session at Leander on Thursday, February 2 at 10AM.  This is a PA Day and thus optional, but all are greatly encouraged to attend.

Practices will resume at the school at 6:30am on Friday, February 3rd.

On Saturday, February 4th, there will be a group run starting at the foot of the Chedoke Stairs (weather permitting), starting at 8am for all novices, plus any experienced rowers not competing at CIRC.

The test week that was originally scheduled for the week following CIRC will be postponed, in favour of regular training.  The reason is simple.  Our testing is no different than writing an exam.  You prepare for writing an exam, and in the same sense, your training prepares you for rowing testing.  It makes no sense to test if we are unsure about how much training you’ve done in the two weeks leading up to testing.  We WILL do a test week at some point, but it hasn’t been finalized yet.  We will let you know.

The Mac 2×4 is one week after CIRC, on Sunday, February 12th.  Please let us know as soon as possible if you intend on racing in this event.  Mike, Pete and I will put the teams of four together.

Entries are now open for the Ontario Indoor Rowing Champs on Saturday, March 4.  Instructions on how to enter this are elsewhere on the blog.  We HIGHLY encourage you to enter this, especially if you haven’t done an indoor race yet.  It is an atmosphere that is VERY motivational and absolutely conducive to setting a PB!

Following closely on the heels of Ontario’s will be crew selections, which will likely be made before March Break.  It is our hope that we might actually be on the water after March Break.  So the end of winter training is not very far away!