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Congratulations and well done to our nine competitors who raced at CIRC!  We had one significant PB and most others were relatively close to their PBs, despite the past three weeks of training being spotty due to exams and quiet week.  To come close to a PB despite this tells me that we may be looking at a LOT of you blowing the doors off your PBs at the Ontario Indoor Championships on March 4th in St. Catharines.  Top 20 performances at CIRC were:

JR A WOMEN:  Lauren Gadsdon (7th out of 48 competitors and a PB by 4.8 seconds)
Victoria Collins (17th out of 48. Not a PB, but with a slight race adjustment, will be right there to hit one next time out)

JR A MEN: Lucas Austin was 9th out of 40 competitors. (Not a PB, but not far off. Yet another solid effort from a guy who just gives high quality performance after high quality performance.
Erik Heinbecker was 17th out of 40. Decent number, despite taking a training hit over exams/quiet week. With a solid four week block, the crystal ball foresees another Top Ten t-shirt in Erik’s future!
Harrison McCann was 20th out of 40. Exams took a big chunk out of Harrison’s prep and with zero speedwork, was still able to just miss a PB. Sets him up well for Ontario’s, the site of his first ever sub-7:00 erg. We look forward to another legendary race at Ridley from Mr. McCann.

Also racing at CIRC were Kat Ciupka, Susan Price, Meegan Crossley, and Kieran Ray-Daniels. Commendations all around for good, solid races. The positives here are that, despite various bugs & ailments, disruptions in training due to exams, and a bit of a race plan hiccup, all were able to put themselves in position for what could be an AWESOME day on March 4th! I have all confidence that every one of the above athletes will have a “Blow the Doors Off” PB in St. Catharines. It is within your grasp–you just have to reach out and take it!

Speaking of St. Catharines on March 4th, registration is now open for that, so please register to race.  There is an incentive for this:  As part of the next and final test week, ALL rowers are scheduled to do both a 2K and a 6K erg test (yes, even novices this time).  The 2K race at Ontario’s will count as your test 2K, and in addition, we will waive the 6K requirement that week.



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