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I’ll write a recap of the Mac 2×4 after I receive the set of results.  But for the moment, a big WELL DONE to all!!!

For this week, here is the schedule:

MONDAY:  Women:  Circuit led by Kat.  Men:  erg.

TUESDAY:  Women erg.  Men with Mike.


THURSDAY:  Men erg.  Women House of Victory.

FRIDAY:  Women erg.  Men with Mike.

Registration is open on regattacentral.com for The Ontario Indoor Rowing Championships in St. Catharines on Saturday, March 4th.  Registration is done exactly as we did for Leander Indoors.  We are hoping for a big turnout from Westdale for this event.  Remember, this test will count for your 2K, and we will exempt anyone from a 6K test who does this event.

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