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We had 5 teams entered, plus 5 athletes who competed on composite teams for a total of 25 athletes.  For those who don’t know, the erg is set to 8000 metres and the teams of four work to get it to 0 metres as fast as possible.  The accepted strategy is to get on the erg, race as hard as you can for 10-15 strokes, then switch.  It makes for some lively racing for the athletes, and some interesting technique for the coaches!!!

The first event of the day was the busiest for Westdale.  We had two junior crews, a Sr crew and one of our athletes combined to race a composite entry with Hillfield girls.  The senior crew of Meegan, Erin, Becca and Julia, with two junior lightweights aboard in a Sr open race, were up against it but fought and competed hard to the end.  The junior crew of Sequoia, Fiora, Gillian and Grace were in a battle with Hillfield the entire race, with Hillfield pipping us out by 14 metres at the very end (2 strokes).    The Westdale crew of Ciara, Charlotte, Kate M and Maura was in a major tussle with the composite Leander crew that featured our own Kate B.  Leander discovered just before the race, that one of the rowers was a no-show, so a plan was quickly drawn up:  Rules state that in order to be official, four people must pull at least one stroke of the race.  Our own Chloe Cyr, despite being injured, did indeed pull one stroke to make this happen!  Anybody who knows the Mac 2×4 knows it is a tough race with four people.  But for three rowers, it’s especially difficult.  The Leander crew persevered and finished ahead of the Westdale crew by 15 seconds!  Well done!

The second race of the day featured just one of our rowers rowing in a composite Leander entry.  Sarah took home one of five Mac 2×4 trophies with her crew’s win!  Well done!!!!

Alex, Ahmed and Ethan combined with a St. Mary’s rower to race as a composite Leander entry.  Because the St. Mary’s rower was a senior, our boys raced in the senior category where they raced and competed as hard as they could.  Knowing that they would have been  within 10 seconds of a victory in their own Jr men category should have the boys aiming high for the spring!

The second last race of the day featured the Sr Women’s crew of Lauren, Victoria, Kat and Sadie.  Neck and neck with Ridley for the first half of the race, our women took over the race in the middle part to take it home with an impressive 13 second win over their arch rivals from St. Catharines.

The final race of the day was the anticipated battle between Westdale’s Erik, Lucas, Harrison and Kieran against a rather large set of Ridley men!  Despite going faster than last year, it was Ridley’s day in the end, and our guys finished second.  It was a good battle, and we’re looking forward to how much speed can be generated in the spring by the crew from the W!

Lastly, the men’s and women’s trophies.  The formula used is a bit complicated, but it’s a combination of numbers of entries and percentages across all four races in each category.  We JUST missed the women’s trophy by 3/100ths of a percentage point to St. Mary’s (47.75% to 47.72%!!!)  Well done to our Westdale Women!!!  On the men’s side, with just one entry counting for Westdale (the three junior men counted as Leander), the best possible mathematical finish was fourth and that’s where we were.

Well done and congratulations to all who raced!  Next up is the Ontario Indoor Championships in St. Catharines on March 4th!

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