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It’s late notice, but we just got word early this morning that the Leander docks will be going in THIS SUNDAY March 5th.  We need as many of you as possible at the club between 10am-2pm to get this done and get the on-water season underway!!!  For many novices, it will be your first introduction to the club and lifting boats, carrying oars and learning the proper way of doing things!  Experienced rowers, please bring your 7/16ths wrenches as I expect at least some boats will be rigged on Sunday.

I still need to confirm when we will be able to row—we are HOPING for next week for the experienced rowers who were club members last season.  At this point, it doesn’t look like we will be able to get the novices on the water before April 1 due to club insurance, so there will likely be split training between the club and the school until April 1.  We will communicate if anything changes. Experienced rowers, be prepared for anything.  You may be allowed on the water, but may not be able to row in 1x/2x….just 4x/4+/8+.  Again, we will let you know.

The date for the swim test has not been announced yet, but we will let you know when it is scheduled.  All novices MUST take this test before being allowed on the water.  You are exempt from the test ONLY if you can provide proof of a bronze cross certificate or equivalent swimming capability.  The test is simple:  you jump into the water clothed in what you would normally wear for April training outside and you tread water for a set amount of time.  You are then thrown a life jacket and must put it on in the water.  May we NEVER have to put this skill to the test in Hamilton Bay—at least not in April!

If the experienced rowers are able to row next week, their testing week will be adjusted.  Most of you won’t be pulling 2K or 6K tests anyway, given that you are doing Ontario’s.  Flex tests will take place Monday morning, with strength tests TBA.  We will do the run test on a morning at the school when we’re off the water due to weather.

Monday, March 6th is reserved for viewing the safety video, followed by flex tests.  ALL rowers must watch this before being allowed on the water, and we will be conducting a written test after watching it.  If you aren’t there on Monday and we are allowed to hit the water on Tuesday, you will not be included in Tuesday’s boating lineup until you’ve watched it (no matter how many times you’ve seen it!!).

One other thing.  It is vital that you read these blog updates, especially over the next few weeks as we transition to the on-water season.  There are MANY items of business to take care of, so please stay informed!


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