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All those who took the test this morning passed.  The video and test need to be completed before going on the water, even if you’ve seen it before.  I’ve texted all those who missed questions, giving them a chance to answer properly.

Please remember that safety is a HUGE part of your rowing career.  We never take it for granted, especially in the early season when it can be cold.  And remember, even if the air is warm, the water will still be cold.  While some of the answers on this morning’s test seemed ridiculous and funny, the truth is that a HUGE number of those ridiculous answers DO HAPPEN!  For example, question 4:   Every single one of the five things not to do in prepping coach boats (leaving the drain plug out, not securing the engine to the hull, putting an empty gas tank in the boat, not putting a paddle in the boat, and leaving a sieve-like bailer), have ALL happened.  MORE THAN ONCE!   Re: question 7 and weather protocol:  I used to coach a guy who would go out when there was lightning.  I’ve also seen people rowing in shorts when the temps are 0, justifying it by saying “my legs don’t get cold”.   (Some of you may remember the Ancaster coach getting angry a couple of years ago at rowers who had shorts on one morning).  Re:  question 13-“walking it out’: Every single morning, you will hear boats coming out of the boat house banging riggers.  Re: question 14, carrying a long oar:  People will be hit by oars because the person carrying them isn’t looking.  Boats will be damaged because feet are 25 centimetres back from the edge of the dock.  You never want your boat or your fin to hit the dock—if that happens, your crew will be on the erg for a week or more while the fin gets repaired.  Crewmates will fall in because someone isn’t holding onto the boat while they get their oar.  ALL of this stuff happens—with regularity!  So the main lesson from this morning is:   USE COMMON SENSE AND PAY ATTENTION!!!!


  1. Thanks Tom for reinforcing the safety aspects on the water. Susan’s aunt rowed for U Vic and was out with her team the day several boats capsized and two rowers drowned back in the late 80’s. Pretty traumatizing and especially sad when it could have been prevented.

    Appreciating all and your team do for our rowers,


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