Westdale Rowing Community

Information for the Westdale Rowing Community


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Please text or e-mail me with the following information as soon as you get this:

1. Dates you will be away between April 1 and June 4, if any;
2. Dates you are unavailable to row between April 1 and June 4. . This can be due to anything–dentist appointments, wisdom teeth, school trips, etc. The more I know now and not the day before, the happier I will be.
3. Let me know any days you are able to row in the afternoon. (It will be necessary to hold some afternoon rowing sessions. This will be based on Pete’s and my availability. Nobody will be stuck on afternoons exclusively and we will likely rotate a lot of you through that session. An afternoon row also means that you will sleep in that morning. PM rows will take place from 4-6PM.
4. I also need one of the seniors to let me know what the date of the formal is so I can plan our training around it this year (unlike last year when I found out about it the morning of and had my next day’s training plans scuttled by surprise!!!!)

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