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On Saturday, March 4th, a group of Westdalians invaded Ridley College for the Ontario Indoor Rowing Champs. Some nagging injuries and illness forced a few withdrawals at the last minute, but the coaches thought it better to scratch than cause further injury or aggravation. Some valuable lessons were learned as we gained some experience in how to deal with race day pressures! I’ve listed those who finished in the top half of their field below, as well as those who set PBs (Personal Bests). Well done to all who competed. Not easy to put your feet on the line and be counted!!!!

Fiora:  22nd out of 51 in the Jr HS Women category.
Ethan: 16th out of 68 in the Jr. HS Men 135 category.
Alex: 17th out of 34 in the Jr HS Men 165 category.
PB Maddy: 14th out of 30 in the Jr HS women 145 category. Just 4 seconds away from a top ten t-shirt.
Sadie: 8th out of 38 in the Sr HS Women 135 category (TOP TEN T-SHIRT!)
PB-Erin: 12th out of 38 in the Sr HS Women 135 category (Missed Top Ten T-shirt by 4-10ths of a second)
PB: Lauren: 4th out of 43 in the Sr HS Women category (TOP TEN T-SHIRT)
Vic: 15th out of 43 in the Sr. HS Women category
Lucas: 10th out of 38 in the Sr HS Men category (TOP TEN T-SHIRT)
PB Harrison: 19th out of 38 in the Sr HS Men category

Two other athletes achieved PBs on this day: Maura and Charlotte, and Ciara.


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