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All women will be at the school at 6:30 Wednesday morning for the last yoga session of the year! I would like for as many of you to attend as possible, and would ask that you please be sure to thank Jenna and Sarah at the end of the practice. These classes have made a big difference in your flexibility—I have already seen dramatic improvements on the water, and in your testing.

Also, please make sure you take care of your fees on RegattaCentral.com as well as getting yourself registered with Rowing Canada. There seems to be some hiccups to the process, so please don’t leave it until the last minute to take care of this. Fees must be paid before rowers will be allowed on the water. If you pay on Thursday or after, please bring a copy of proof you have paid if you are scheduled on Saturday morning—there is a good chance the club’s printout will not have been updated between Friday & Saturday—we don’t want to be held back Saturday!

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