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Same senior group at the club for 5:10.  Likely no row again, however we need all eight so we can do the following:
1. We need to bring the Morreale inside and put it on its rack.
2. Finish measuring the Morreale and Miller oars, and measure the Astra sculls.
3. We need to somehow get the Alumni ’86 (yes–’86) onto stretchers in the compound if not raining, or into the boat bay if raining and rig it as a coxed quad. (NOTE: I was 22 when this boat was built!)
4. During all this fun, I’ll rotate each of you through a 30′ erg two at a time, depending on availability.

All others with Pete for the last official day at the school!!!

ALL Westdale rowers to be at Leander for 5:10am! For the first part of the morning, novices will work with a mentor–an experienced rower in groups of two. They will run through the daily process that you need to become familiar with very quickly. They will also answer any questions you have, and show you where things are around the club. I’ll e-mail the experienced rowers what I’d like them to cover–and if I miss something, feel free to chime in! During this time, I also want each senior to tell their novice rower the two things they love most about rowing, along with at least one valuable tip that will help novice rowers. I also want the novice rowers to tell their mentor why they got into the sport and what they are looking forward to most in the next two months. I then want ALL rowers to e-mail or text me the answers to the above from their mentor or novice. In other words, Victoria will text me Sequoia’s answers and vice versa.
The second part of the morning will be boat handling. And the third part will be putting the boat on the water and rowing! You should be on your way home around 7:40am.

Meegan/Ella (coxie orientation)
Erin/Kate B
Kat/Gillian, Ciara
Kate McG/Julia
Alex J/Ethan
Kenzie/Shayda (coxie orientation)
Meaghan/Molly (coxie orientation)

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