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A hearty CONGRATULATIONS to Westdale Rowing on a VERY successful Chili Cookoff! We can take pride in the fact that our efforts for Wednesday’s event generated over $4100 for Westdale. This is a gargantuan effort by all, and congratulations!
While it is a fundraiser to which everybody contributes, I would like to shine the spotlight on three people in particular. I have to admit that next year, I will really miss Matt Collins on the mic. Sometimes at events when the host takes the mic, people roll their eyes (at least that’s what I see whenever I grab a mic to speak. Haha!!!!!!!!!). But when Matt takes the mic, it was something to look forward to—the man has a special talent for making people laugh—and his initials “MC” fit perfectly!
And where would we be without the efforts of Brock & Dina Gadsdon? Not only the Chili Cookoff, but BBQs at regattas, organizing tents at CSSRA, organizing food for regattas…the list goes on. Matt asked the parents the other day, to walk up to the coaches and thank us….but I would also ask that, as Brock & Dina’s time draws to a close at Westdale with Lauren’s impending graduation, that the parents walk up to both of them at our upcoming regattas and thank them as well. Many thanks for taking on these gargantuan tasks!!

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Last week of April, folks! Seniors have been on the water for more than a month and are very close to being HALFWAY THROUGH THE SPRING ON-WATER SEASON, believe it or not!!

The most important event this week is the CHILI COOK-OFF on WEDNESDAY NIGHT! Please ensure that all tasks have been done, whether it be ticket sales and collection of money, wine, rower set up, etc. A lot of people have put a LOT of work into this event and we want to take the pressure off Brock and Dina in not having to “Remind & Chase”!! There will be no PM row on Wednesday due to the Cookoff!

For rowing, experienced rowers, especially seniors, have been doing a lot of distance and now it’s time for the novices to move out of the Learn To Row phase and actually start accumulating some mileage. You can expect to be rowing all crew for set time pieces and starting to ramp up the mileage. We are now expecting MINIMUM 2 full loops of the course every morning. If we can get more, great. Two loops would be: Club to Carol’s Point to the slip to Carol’s Point to the the slip to the club. This is how we get into racing mode, which for a small group heading to Buffalo, starts on May 7th, and for the rest, starts on Mothers Day (May 14th) in St. Catharines!! We are hoping to start weekly time trials this week and we will all be included in these in some form or another. This is a set session of 4 approximately 1700 metre races consecutively and timed.

You have been pretty decent this season, but keep in mind that texting me about being ill the evening before a row does no good. I’m either asleep or soon going to be. I will likely ignore it if so inclined. If you text me late afternoon, there may be a chance to make a switch, but not guaranteed. You guys can try to make a switch amongst yourselves with someone who isn’t scheduled. If there is an option to go to a smaller boat, we can do it but some will remain back to erg. We will try to get a spare the following morning from another school, but if unsuccessful, that crew will erg.

*FYI: so the seniors don’t panic, I have listed 4x and 2x rows as what categories they are. I HAVE NOT NAMED CREWS YET!!!*
**FYI #2: I have also not named the Jr Mid 8+, a possible version of which will row on Saturday morning**
***FYI #3: Two “primary crews” only have one row this week–the Jr 4+ and the Jr Mid 8+. They will be given two rows next week.***

WORKOUT: 10Km. 6 x 30 Power Strokes with half boat rowing. Singles use bungee cords. Remainder of the row 22-24spm steady state.
FOCUS: Feeling the speed and power either when bungee comes off or when whole crew rows.
(WITH MIKE) 1X (Own): Victoria
(WITH MIKE) 1X: (Own) Lauren
(WITH PETE) SR 4X: (Astra) (S) Erin, (3) Kat, (2) Susan, (B) Meegan
(WITH PETE) JR MID 4+: (Miller) (COX) Shayda, (S) Becca, (3) Maddy, (2) Sequoia, (B) Serena
(WITH PETE) JR LIGHT 4+ (Chester) (COX) Molly, (S) Julia, (3) Gillian, (2) Zaiga, (B) Kate M
(WITH PETE) JR MEN 2X: (Cherwinski) (S) Ethan, (B) Alex

1X: (Roche or High Maintenance) Kat
JR 4X: (Love) (S) Charlotte, (3) Ciara, (2) Maura, (B) Kate B
JR 2X: (Cherwinski) (S) Susan, (B) Kat **NOTE: Seat change
TUB: Ben

WORKOUT: 12km. PYRAMID: 2′ Changes 22-24-26-28-26-24-22 continuous
FOCUS: Sharp rate changes, sustaining the rate by finding rhythm and staying with it.
SR 4X: (Astra) (S) Erin, (3) Vic, (2) Meegan, (B) Sadie
1x (own): Lauren
JR 4+ (Miller) (CX) Ella, (S) Becca, (3) Maddy, (2) Fiora, (B) Sequoia

SR 2X: (Justice) (S) Ethan, (B) Alex
2X: (Cherwinski) (S) Kate B, (B) Sarah
TUB: Ben

WORKOUT: 12Km total. Either 4 x 1750 time trial. Or 10 x 3’on @ 26/3’off @ 22
FOCUS: Creating speed with rate
(WITH MIKE) 1X: Lauren
(WITH TOM) 1X: Sarah
(WITH MIKE) SR 4X: (Astra) (S) Erin, (3) Vic, (2) Kat, (B) Sadie
(WITH TOM) SR 2X: (Cherwinski) (S) Susan, (B) Meegan
(WITH TOM) JR MID 4+: (Miller) (CX) Molly, (S) Becca, (3) Maddy, (2) Sequoia, (B) Serena
(WITH TOM) 8+ (Morreale) (CX) Meaghan, (S) Julia, (7) Charlotte, (6) Zaiga, (5) Fiora, (4) Gillian, (3) Ciara, (2) Kate B, (B) Maura


WORKOUT: 12KmCastle: 1:30 rate changes @ 22-24-26-24-26-28-26-28-30-28-26-24-26-24-22-24-22. 10′ paddle and repeat. Coxies and bow people, this one is for you to run and be all over it!
FOCUS: Coxwains MUST follow this workout–coach will be watching like a hawk and grading you!
(WITH MIKE) 1X (own): Lauren
(WITH TOM) 1X (own): Sarah
(WITH TOM) SR 2X: (Justice) (S) Meegan, (B) Kat
JR 2X: (Cherwinski) (S) Ethan, (B) Alex
(WITH MIKE) SR MID 4+: (Miller) (CX) Kenzie, (S) Erin, (3) Susan, (2) Becca, (B) Sadie
(WITH TOM) 8+: (Morreale) (CX) Molly, (S) ?????????, (7) Maddy, (6) Sequoia, (5) Fiora, (4) Charlotte, (3) Ciara, (2) Kate B, (B) Maura

1X (own): Victoria
2X: (Justice) (S) Maura, (B) Meegan
2X: (Cherwinski) (S) Ethan, (B) Alex
TUB: Ben

WORKOUT: 12Km Steady State @ 24spm
FOCUS: Maintaining quality through fatigue
(WITH MIKE) 1X: (own) Lauren
(WITH PETE) 1X: (own) Victoria
(WITH PETE) 1X: (Roche) Sarah
(WITH PETE) 2X: (Cherwinski) (S) Ethan, (B) Alex
(WITH PETE) 2X: (Justice) (S) Erin, (B) Sadie

JR 2X: (S) Ethan, (B) Alex
JR 2X: Ciara, Charlotte
Sr 2x: Susan, Kat
TUB: Ben

WORKOUT: Intro to race starts
FOCUS: Building rate and speed as one powerful unit, not individuality
(WITH TOM) 1X: (own) Lauren
(WITH TOM) 1X: (own) Vic
(WITH TOM) 1X: (Roche) Sarah
(WITH TOM) JR MID 8+: (Morreale) (COX) Ella, (S) Becca, (7) Maddy, (6) Sequoia, (5) Serena, (4) Fiora, (3) Gillian, (2) Zaiga, (B) Kate M
(WITH MIKE) (Miller) SR 4+: (Cox) Kenzie Sadie, Meegan, Susan, Erin

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For the week of April 24-30, please let me know if you CANNOT make it on any afternoons. I’m going to start trying to schedule some set crews in the afternoon so we can give you a little more refined and focused coaching….as opposed to the morning when we’re trying to look after four crews at the same time. I’ll set the boating lineups tomorrow based on what I hear back. If you’ve already given me that information, you’re OK. If not, if I don’t hear from you, I will assume I can schedule you on any afternoon.

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Weather is bad with the NE wind, not to mention thunderstorms in the forecast. Please do a 40-minute run this afternoon or evening (assuming there are no aforementioned thunderstorms while you’re doing it! If so, a stationary bike, a version of “The 300” or an erg if you have one will suffice. Alex, I know you have one!!!!!

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1. Chili Cookoff ticket money is due now. Brock will be at the club on FRIDAY and SATURDAY mornings at 5:10am to collect.

2. For parents, wine collection will be Saturday morning. Each family is asked to donate TWO BOTTLES for the raffles.

3. Finally, the online sign up sheet is live for chilis, salads and desserts. I’ve posted the link in the past couple of days.

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The date to the BIGGEST gastronomic feast of the rowing year is fast approaching, and there are many “burning” questions still to be answered! (Haha–get it? “Burning”?? “Spicy”??? :):)
–Will anyone de-throne the reigning Chili King, Davide Castellana??
–Will Coach Mike reincarnate his infamous “Guatemalan Insanity Pepper” that will no doubt require a visit from the Hamilton Fire Department to quench the burn from those who brave it’s burning qualities?
–Will Tim Hastings and Family repeat their raffle domination and take home what was essentially “Wine for a Year”???!!!
–Who will win the prizes that have been personally signed by some of the most famous rowers in the world???

All these questions will soon be answered on what is to be a FANTASTIC night for Leander, for Westdale and for all our friends and family who attend!

Some upcoming tasks:

ASAP: Sign up is now open for chili, desserts and salads. Please sign up so we can get an idea of numbers! The sign up link is here:


WEDNESDAY MORNING (TOMORROW): Brock will be at the club to collect all ticket money. Any questions you have about the event, please ask Brock tomorrow, or e-mail/text me and I will get an answer for you!

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Let’s have a GREAT week, all! Most of this week looks really good wind-wise, so let’s get into the mindset of putting in some miles. Remember, “MILES MAKE CHAMPIONS”! We’re starting structured workouts this week instead of just steady state rowing (which incorporates well with teaching novices how to row). I’ve put these below. We like to be “first on, last off”, especially at this time of year when mileage is SO important! Looking to get the novices launched before 5:40 this week–it’s a great goal for you to get to that point. Be on the ball on the tasks that need to be done and we will get there easily. If you see somebody doing something, HELP THEM!
NOTE: The Morreale wiring is split, meaning that neither cox box or cox vox will work. I’m aware of this and am trying to replace it as quickly as possible. In the meantime, if you are assigned to cox this boat, pretend we are back in the Westdale gym at opposite ends, and you’re having a conversation with someone on the other side!
We have two coach boats in the morning now, not 3. Pete and I will split up the mornings. I have a hellacious work schedule this week–working til 1:30am most days, so those of you who know me to be a bit grumpy on mornings after these shifts will likely be overjoyed that I won’t be there for some mornings. My wife has declared mornings that I AM there this week will be designated “Be Nice To Tommy” mornings!!

6 x 30 Power Strokes @ 22.
2 x 10′ @ 24.
1x (WITH MIKE): Lauren
4X: (WITH MIKE) (S) Vic, (3) Kat, (2) Susan, (B) Meegan
2X: (WITH PETE) (B) Sadie, (S) Erin
4+ (WITH PETE) CX: Meaghan. (S) Becca, (3) Sequoia, (2) Serena, (B) Maddy
4+-2: (WITH PETE) CX: Ella. (S) Zaiga, (3) Kate M, (2) Gillian, (B) Fiora

4X: (S) Charlotte, (3) Kate B, (2) Maura, (B) Ciara
1x: Sarah
Tub: Ben

EITHER Time trial
Pyramid: 2’each at 22-24-26-28-26-24-22 continuous.
1X: (WITH MIKE) Lauren
2X: (WITH MIKE) (B) Susan, (S) Kat
4+: (WITH TOM) CX: Kenzie. (S) Julia, (3) Gillian, (2) Zaiga, (B) Kate M
8+: (WITH TOM) CX: Molly. (S) Sarah, (7) Kate B, (6) Fiora, (5) Ben, (4) Maura, (3) Ciara, (2) Serena, (B) Sequoia

***This is an afternoon row. Let me know if there is a problem***
4X: (S) Erin, (3) Vic, (2) Meegan, (B) Sadie

If we time trial on Wednesday, we’ll do pyramid Thursday. If we didn’t time trial Wednesday, we’ll do Castle Thursday. Coxies, take note and follow this one!
2′ each at 22-24-26-24-26-28-26-28-30-28-26-24-26-24-22. Continuous. Rest only at turnaround points.
1X: (WITH TOM) Vic
1X: (WITH MIKE) Lauren
2X: (WITH TOM) (B) Meegan, (S) Kat
2X: (WITH TOM) (S) Ethan, (B) Alex
4+: (WITH MIKE. GO FAST, TURN QUICK) CX: Kenzie. Sadie, Susan, Erin, Becca
8+: (WITH TOM) CX: Meaghan. (S) Maddy, (7) Sequoia, (6) Serena, (5) Kate M, (4) Zaiga, (3) Gillian, (2) Kate B, (B) Ben

2X: (S) Charlotte, (B) Ciara
2X: (S) Ethan, (B) Alex
Tub: Maura

1X (WITH MIKE): Lauren
1x: (WITH PETE) Vic
1x: (WITH PETE) Sarah
2x: (WITH MIKE) (B) Sadie, (S) Meegan
2x: (WITH MIKE) (B) Susan, (S) Erin
4+: (WITH PETE) CX: Molly. (S) Julia, (3) Zaiga, (2) Kate M, (B) Gillian
8+ (WITH PETE) CX: Shayda. (S) Becca, (7) Sequoia, (6) Serena, (5) Fiora, (4) Maddy, (3) Charlotte, (2) Ciara, (B) Maura

4+ (Chester) CX: Kenzie
1X: (WITH MIKE) Lauren
1X: (WITH PETE) Sarah
2x: (WITH MIKE) (B) Sadie, (S) Susan
2X: (WITH MIKE) (B) Kat, (S) Erin
8+ (WITH PETE) CX: Shayda. (S) Becca, (7) Sequoia, (6) Fiora, (5) Maddy (4) Julia, (3) Serena, (2) Zaiga, (B) Kate M

2x: (S) Ethan, (B) Alex
4X: (B) Meegan, (2) Ciara, (3) Maura, (S) Charlotte