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The following are the boatings for Monday morning.  
Tom & Pete workout will be skill building, followed by 6 x 30 power strokes with half the boat rowing. All strokes on the square in boats with novices.

5:10AM to set up coach boat and prepare for your row as you learned how to do this morning. Week one goal is to have the boat’s hull hitting the water by 5:50, but please don’t achieve this by rushing. Better to do it slower but correctly, than rushing and making mistakes.
Note that we may only have the black dock in service, meaning all school crews will be launching from the same dock. Once you’re in line, please pay attention to the seniors in your boat and your coaches. Teaching you how to get in while a bunch of boats are waiting isn’t ideal, but we will get it done!!!
1X (WITH MIKE): Lauren
8+ (WITH TOM) (MORREALE (the boat, not Ella!!) (COX BOX): (cx) Kenzie, (S) Becca, (7) Zaiga, (6) Sequoia, (5) Serena, (4) Maddy, (3) Maura, (2) Kate B, (B) Julia
4+ (WITH TOM) (MILLER) (COX BOX): (cx) Ella (S) Erin (3) Gillian, (2) Charlotte, (B) Kate M
4+ (WITH PETE) (CHESTER WAXMAN) CX: Meaghan, (S) Alex, (3) Ethan, (2) Ciara, (B) Sarah

Any questions, please ask!


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