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As everybody found out on Saturday morning, weather plays a big part in our sport! There are a few mornings this week that look iffy, so it’s a good time to remind you that we’ll try to keep you as informed as possible on what we’re doing via this blog. High wind from the East or North, lightning and thick fog are the conditions we won’t row in. Depending on wind direction and wind speed, we are able to row some days. We will also row in the rain and snow, once y’all row well enough to stay warm.
The protocol will be one of the following:
–Sometimes we will make the call the day before, to train at the school at 6:30;
–Sometimes we will make the call at the boathouse. In those cases, please make sure you have running shoes.
–Sometimes morning crews will not be able to row and afternoon crews will. And vice versa.
We will use the blog as much as possible, so if you’re watching it, all will be good.

It’s looking GREAT for Monday, so let’s enjoy it!!!!

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